Try a NEW Green Juice or Smoothie.

Green Smoothie
Kris Carr says that green juices are like “jumper cables” for your body.

When you drink a green juice, your cells soak up the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients much faster than if you were eating a regular meal….literally within 15-20 minutes!

This is because all of the fiber is removed, making digestion much easier and faster.

(Because juices digest so quickly, it’s very important NOT to juice with a lot of sugary fruits. Your blood sugar level will rise much more quickly than if you were eating these fruits whole.)

Smoothies take a little longer (2-3 hours) to digest than juices, but still no where near as long as a regular meal which can take up to 6-8 hours.

Let’s super-infuse our bodies this week with healthy goodness by trying a new green juice or smoothie this week.

By switching up the foods we eat on a regular basis, we’re getting a more complete nutritional profile in our diets.

Here’s a great site to get some ideas.